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Pinch Payments really has transformed our cashflow at ZELLIS.

It's dramatically reduced our stress.



Xero App Store

Great product, brilliant service.



QuickBooks App Store

With Pinch we never chase invoices, everything is automatic and just works.



Advanced Electrical

I have never used a product before that actually worked with MYOB. Amazing tech.

Got Questions?

Q1. How much does it cost?

1.95%+ 30c per card transaction and 1% + 30c for bank transfers. No other costs. Oh, and you can surcharge the fees.

Q2. Does it work with my accounting system?

If you use Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB, yes.

Q3. Where are you based?

We are 100% Australian. Half our team is in Brisbane and the other half in Melbourne.

Q4. Is my data secure?

Yes, we are 100% PCI compliant. None of your or your customers financially sensitive information is unsafe unless you send someone your own password. Don't do that.

Q5. What businesses is this good for?

Do you send invoices to customers? Do you like getting paid? Yours.

Let's Get You Paid!