Quickly start collecting payments for your membership business

No monthly fees, no setup fees and no responsibility to collect credit card details. Up and running in minutes.

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Getting Started

  • 1

    Register for a free account

    We'll need some basic details about your business, a contact and details of your bank account.

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    Send each member a pre-approval link

    This allows us to collect their credit card details and store them on file. We'll then use these details to charge the recurring fees. We are fully PCI compliant.

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    Payments are collected automatically

    We will send each member an email the day before payment and another one after payment has been attempted. If payment fails, we can automatically re-try up to 5 times.

  • 2

    Add details of each member you would like to charge

    We need the name of the person who will pay the fee and their email address at a minimum. We will then securely store their card details.

  • 4

    Tell us how much to charge and when

    You can either create a pre-defined schedule (such as every week) and simply add a member to that schedule or you can create ad-hoc payments if the member is not a regular attendee or has fluctuating prices.

  • 6

    Payments are paid into your bank account

    From successful charge it usually takes just 2 business days to be deposited into your bank account. We will email you each time we send you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no monthly fees or setup fees involved. We charge a small fee per transaction processed which we deduct from the amount we pay into your bank account. This means you do not have to worry about making payment for services.

No. We do not handle the day to day running of a membership business. Instead, we focus on processing your payments in a timely manner and for the most affordable price. You can use our service in conjunction with management software. Talk to us about integrating and syncing your data.

Each account will need to be created in the portal. If you have many existing member accounts we can programatically import them into Pinch to save time. A small fee may be payable for this work.

If a payment is missed, you can create an instant payment that will be debited from the account immediately assuming a pre-approval is in place. For failed payments, we can automatically re-attempt up to 5 times and will spread those attempts over a few weeks if necessary in case the account in question is temporarily low on funds.

If you already use software to manage your business, we can develop a utility that will sync data across to make it easier to process payments. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.


Simple and affordable pricing per transaction.

All prices are in USD and include all appropriate taxes.