Improve your cashflow with Reckon One and Pinch

Fully automated payment scheduling system for Reckon One with built in re-attempts and payment reminders

Secure processing

All credit card details are stored securely and protected by us with powerful and PCI compliant technologies. Rest assured that your clients sensitive data is safe.

Talks to Reckon One automatically

Just by raising an invoice as normal in Reckon One will enable us to process the payment automatically on the due date and deposit into your account 2 days later.

Friendly Reports

An easy to use dashboard allows you to instantly see who we've charged and when we've charged them. You can also see who and when we are going to charge and make changes if required.

Processing your client payments

Pinch will monitor your Reckon One account for upcoming invoice payments. When a customer chooses to pay their invoice they will be given a choice to store their credit card details on file for future payments.

If the customer chooses to store their details, each time a new invoice is raised the customer will be automatically charged and the payment updated in Reckon One.

Everything we do is shown in an easy to understand dashboard so nothing unexpected happens with you or your customers.

Managing failed payments

If a payment from one of your customers fails, you will receive an automated notification. We will then manage the process of collecting the funds by:

  • Re-attempting to process the transaction up to 5 times
  • Giving the customer the opportunity to update their credit card details
  • Sending payment failed notifications to the customer
  • Allowing the customer to select a payment plan for partial payments

As a client of Pinch, you are always in full control over what we do and how we charge your customers.

Safe and secure payment page

Each of your customers can choose to store their credit card details with us for automated payments. They can do this in advance, or as part of their first transaction with us. This gives you the following benefits:

  • You don't need to handle sensitive credit card data
  • Future payments made to you are totally automated
  • You increase your cashflow instead of chasing payment
  • Recurring invoices are suddenly so easy to manage
  • All payments are handled securely

Pinch takes the payment process and makes it very easy for both you and your customers.

Invoices set as paid in Reckon One

By using Pinch with your Reckon One account, you can wave goodbye to hours of attempting to reconcile your payments with your bank statement. It's now very easy:

  • Payments to invoices recorded automatically
  • Invoice payment adjusted for our fees
  • Any Pinch fees will be added as a Reckon One bill

The Pinch transaction fee taken before depositing into your account. If you choose to use our payment re-attempt facility we can re-schedule a payment and update Reckon One as required.


Simple and affordable pricing per transaction. No monthly fees, no Direct Debit setup fees and no support fees.

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST. Prices are applicable for Australian businesses only, please contact us for pricing in all other countries. For full pricing information, see Pricing Information.