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The Late Payment Alliance - Small Steps to a New Future

Introducing the Late Payment Alliance, a partnership between Pinch and Paidnice to tackle overdue invoices for Australian small businesses. Join the alliance to promote on-time payments and automation solutions.

We are very pleased to announce that today we are officially launching the Late Payment Alliance with our friends at Paidnice.

As we all know, overdue invoices are a crippling issue for Australian small businesses, and one that both Pinch and Paidnice take a blunt instrument to. 

We hope that our partnership can blossom into a full ecosystem of service providers that are not only committed to ending late payment, but also encouraging their suppliers, customers and colleagues to adopt new technologies, new processes and systems to help boost the local economy by paying, and getting paid, on time.

Pinch + Paidnice, Why it Just Works

When two products meet that have such great synergy, something special happens! Paidnice offers businesses ways to handle overdue payment in a different way to how Pinch does it. And in tandem the platforms work amazingly.

With Pinch you can get paid on time by automating invoice payments using Pre-Approvals, autopayments using credit card/debit card or bank transfer (direct debit). Your customers can set up their own customer portal to securely and safely manage everything. You can even offer payment plans.

With Paidnice you can gain greater control over your invoices by automating the application of on-time discounts, late payment fees, interest fees, email notifications and even automated monthly statements, all of which you can now enable Pinch as an embedded payment link at the simple click of a button.

Go here to find out more about how Pinch integrates with Paidnice.

Join the Alliance

Make a commitment to ending late payment and join the #latepaymentalliance today. The alliance, an initiative of Pinch and Paidnice aims to change our business culture, from one of "she'll be right" to one of "she'll get paid".

We aim to normalise paying on or ahead of time by promoting the adoption of invoice autopayment, reward prompt payers with discounts and in turn create a more confident and secure business community.

We will soon be creating a website to promote the alliance, and members will be supported by receiving alliance member kits to share content on their website and social media, and receive prominence on the website. 

If you're keen to join the alliance reach out to hello@getpinch.com.au. 

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