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The No Late-Payment Gateway

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Collect payments from invoices you send out of your accounting package

We integrate with Xero, QuickBooks Online and MYOB to allow you to collect payment from invoices you send.

Automate the collection of invoice payments, create custom payment plans to help your customers break down invoices and automate the reconciliation of every payment.

Configure Account

Extremely flexible custom configuration options to suit every business

How you set up your account is up to you.

Configure your own surcharging rules, payment plan options and auto-payment thresholds on a per-customer basis or set your default options and let your customers do the heavy lifting with the customer portal.

Collect Payments

Collect more payments, and gain cash flow certainty

When you configure Pinch as your default solution and store a customer payment method for everyone you will collect more payments, and make chasing overdue payment a thing of the past.



Automatically reconcile every payment you collect

Spend less time managing your bank accounts and more time on things that earn you money

When you connect your bank account to Pinch, we set up a ledger account to auto reconcile every payment you receive. Your books are always up to date - it’s as simple as that.

Auto Reconciliation

Get paid by credit or debit card, or direct debit

Accept once-off payments, variable recurring payments, payment plans, or subscriptions.

When it’s easy for your customers to pay you, they will! Offering a variety of ways for your customers to pay means they can choose the best option for them.


Pay Now

Get paid on-time with customer pre-approvals

Securely store customer data for automatic payments

When you create a Pre-Approval, invoices you send from your connected accounting system will be auto-paid on the invoice due date.

Pinch gives your customers more choice by enabling bank accounts and credit cards as a stored payment method, which can be completed either by you or your customer.

Auto Payment

Collect multiple
payments at once

Chase customers less and boost cash flow

Customers can see all outstanding invoices every time they open an invoice from you. Batch payments are a proven way to improve cash flow and reduce bad debt.


Batch Payments

Empower your debtor management process with payment plans

Break larger invoices down into flexible payment plans with ease and make a dent in your aged debtors

Installment payments let your customers pay larger invoices in multiple smaller payments. These can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage and are automatically reconciled in your accounting system. 

Payment Plans

Developer API

Psst.... are you a developer? Pinch is built API first. That means anything that we can do, you can do too! Check out more on the developer portal.