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Helping small businesses grow with cash flow certainty

Payments Technology that Solves the Late Payment Problem

Over 50% of invoices are paid late in Australia to small businesses, are you one of them?

In the fast-paced world of business, cash flow is king, and late payments inhibit your growth.

With Pinch you can automate the collection of your invoices payments instead and unlock the cash flow you need to make growth investments.

Auto Payment

Integrates with the Greats

Automate the collection of invoices no matter the system

Pinch Payments is the number one rated payments integration on the Xero App Store and is an exceptional platform for collecting invoicepayments online for businesses of any size, but works just as well with QuickBooks, MYOB and can even be used on its own.


A payment experience that reduces friction

Customer experience is at the core

Pinch is designed to be set and forget. Configure your options, invite your customers and focus on getting on with business.

Plus, Pinch is PCI-compliant — so your customers’ data is safe.


Pay for transactions only, with
no hidden costs

Pricing that scales up or down with your business

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to make money! With Pinch, there are no set-up costs, no minimum amounts, and no monthly fees.

Pay as you go with a small fee per transaction. Surcharging is also available.


Meet Simone
from Jetlag Remedy

"Automating Jetlag Remedy's invoice collection process via Pinch Payments has been a game-changer for us. It's not just about saving time and reducing manual errors; it's about gaining cash flow certainty. With reliable and predictable cash flow, we've had the confidence to take bold steps in our growth journey. Additionally, it has allowed us to get rid of those serial late payers.”

Developer API

Psst.... are you a developer? Pinch is built API first. That means anything that we can do, you can do too! Check out more on the developer portal.