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Become an official Pinch referral partner

By becoming a Pinch referral partner you are joining a fast growing network of like minded business owners that are aligned behind our goal to help business end late payment for good.

What we do with our program:

  • Help you hone your knowledge of the payments industry with webinars and partner specific content
  • Special partner offers like discounted rates and offers from our partner network
  • Opportunity to network with our other partners
  • Co-marketing opportunities on social media
  • Generous referral commissions for anyone you refer to us - trailing commissions on all payments they make
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Pinch Service Partners

Looking for an expert to help you implement Pinch into your business? Click here.

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Enhancements & Apps Ecosystem

Pinch works with a whole host of other apps and enhancements. Read about them all here.

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Online Community

Check out our webinars and our Facebook community where you can learn more about Pinch and mingle with some of our partners and merchants. 

Hear from Tony Harcourt,
Co-Founder of WorkGuru

"Embedding payment capabilities in our platform means that our small business clients can get paid faster, more easily and with fewer hassles. This is an enormous value-add for our clients, who don't want to have to add on an extra piece of software just to take payments, so it made complete sense for us to bring Pinch's payment solutions into WorkGuru.

The Pinch API is truly world-class, and the team was an absolute breeze to work with to get this monumental undertaking off the ground. I would highly recommend working with Pinch to integrate embedded payments into your business."

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