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Payments Consultants With Real Experience

Speak to Australia's most customer focused payments technology experts 

With three in-market payment products and a consulting team that love to get into the trenches and solve your unique payments issues alongside you, Pinch is a very unique player in the payments scene.

Having run our own Payfac for years and with decades of experience to lean on, we are a formidable ally in tackling complex payments needs.


The No Late Payment Gateway

A deeply integrated and feature rich online payment gateway for automating invoice collection and combating late payment

Pinch Payments is the number one rated payments software on the Xero App Store and for good reason. Our flagship invoice auto-payment solution is a perfect fit for businesses looking for a feature laden pre-built software package you can plug into your existing accounting stack and run with.

A perfect fit no matter what your current stack looks like, Pinch can even be operated as a standalone direct debit platform. Get in touch with us and let us customise a package to suit your enterprise needs.

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World Class Payments API

A payments API as good as any, with a hands on team to help you make it fly

Looking for a new way to process payments in your software platform? Our payments API provides you with the means to not only process embedded payments in your software but so much more. Use our API to store card data and bank details, create subscription plans and even offer your own merchants the ability to surcharge. 

Pinch is a perfect API for multi-merchant software companies. Don't believe us, just ask WorkGuru.

Glassbox - Australia's Pioneering Payfac as a Service Platform

A truly revolutionary breakthrough in the payments space, Glassbox enables businesses looking to embark on the perilous journey of becoming a Payfac to do so with a massively reduced overhead.

With Glassbox you can manage merchant onboarding, KYC and fee scheduling from one single channel while providing your acquirer with a realtime view of your operations to ensure compliance in the most efficient and inexpensive way possible.

What might ordinarily cost millions in development and planning, available in a software package, expertly implemented by a team that has been operating a Payfac for nearly a decade.


Hear from Tony Harcourt,
Co-Founder of WorkGuru

"Embedding payment capabilities in our platform means that our small business clients can get paid faster, more easily and with fewer hassles. This is an enormous value-add for our clients, who don't want to have to add on an extra piece of software just to take payments, so it made complete sense for us to bring Pinch's payment solutions into WorkGuru.

The Pinch API is truly world-class, and the team was an absolute breeze to work with to get this monumental undertaking off the ground. I would highly recommend working with Pinch to integrate embedded payments into your business."

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