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Give your customer the option to schedule payments

From the Pinch Customer Portal, your customer can select invoices to pay right now or schedule for the due date. This gives your customer more flexibility and helps you with your cash flow. 


Self service management of payment methods

Gone are the days of storing credit card details in a filing cabinet. With the Pinch Customer Portal, your customer can securely add payment methods. They can then easily select which payment method is to be used for certain invoices. Making it easier for your customer to pay is great business for everyone!  

Payment Methods

All invoices in a single place

If you've been asked by customers to re-send an invoice or to confirm a line item amount then you know how distracting it can be. Now, every invoice issued can be found by your customer using the Pinch Customer Portal. We'll also let them download an invoice to PDF!  


New to Pinch?

If you are new to Pinch here's a quick overview on the benefits.


Automate accounts receivable

Remove financial admin on tasks like reconciliation and let Pinch take care of those tasks.

Improve cashflow

Remove the need for someone to manually follow up with those awkward conversations and collect payments in a more effective way.

Customer experience

Allow your customers to pay you with ease via credit card or direct debit. Alongside, offer the ability to pre-approve invoices or payment thresholds and provide the option for payment plans and milestones for larger invoices.

What our customers are saying

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Gosh have just signed up with Pinch Perfect and can't believe how easy it is to setup so I can offer clients a variety of paymentoptions...highly recommend!


Impeccable customer service + technical wizardry. Onboarding was a breeze with clear and straightforward instructions. The portal is refreshingly well made and easy to use. Being able to send pre-approvals to collect payment information is great for us so we don't wastetime setting clients up for payment and most importantly reconciliations are done automatically via the terrific Xero integration! If youare looking to take the next step with your business' billing solutions, I highly recommend you give Pinch a go - their system and workflowsmesh so well with ours that it's opened so many possibilities with us to further improve our processes and in some cases even think aboutnew pricing models.

Moe, Online Marketing Gurus

Signed up as I wanted another payment option for my clients and was surprised how easy the app is to use. The flexibility it gives myclients on payments is awesome.

Monika, Ashawed Accounting

It has been incredibly easy to integrate Pinch into our business and our customers have loved the flexibility to pay during hours that suit them. Pinch has made reconciliation of credit card transactions a breeze. Quick and efficient and saves a lot of time.

Nicola, OZ Excavator Buckets

Forced into looking for a change by a sudden decision by the existing provider to charge a minimum monthly fee which was 4 times what I had been paying I found and implemented Pinch. Super easy to set up and no hidebound bureaucracy such as encountered from banks. Have been using Pinch for 6 weeks and no issues to date. Particularly like the way it collects monthly subscriptions without any interaction from me. Data flows to Xero accurately and in a timely way. Would thoroughly recommend.

Stella, 1 to 1 Mobile Computer Training

The team at Pinch have been amazing and I couldn't recommend them more highly. Paul and Bill have been great in helping me setup the payments system and integrate it into my business. Always available to help and quick to pick up the phone. Thanks Pinch

David, StudentPay

Bloody love pinch! Its so simple to use and was so easy to set up. Bill and the team honestly go above and beyond and have tackled any questions or scenarios I have thrown at them. As a bookkeeper I will only be using Pinch going forward for myself and my clients.

Summer, Oh Nine Solutions

We have recently signed up with Pinch and can't believe how easy and efficiently it integrated with Xero accounts. Also love the auto-reconcile of payment fees. Pinch also makes it very easy for our clients to pay their bills. Thank you Blake for all your help. We would definitely recommend Pinch!

Valerie, Infinite Print

We've tried and tested out dozens of payment solutions over the years at Digit both with our business, and in helping other businesses move to digital payments. The team at Pinch have been amazing at finding technical solutions to meet bespoke needs. They've helped us leverage their Xero capabilities for variable billing, combined with the ability to push in through their API payer details when people sign our agreements. They're the perfect balance of automation combined with customisation, backed by a super attentive team. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Andrew, Digit Business

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