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Simple and Free Setup

Simply connect your accounting system - Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB - or run it stand alone

Getting started with Pinch Payments is incredibly easy and doesn't require the negotiations and complexities associated with traditional debt collection services. In fact, you can be up and running with Pinch in as little as two days.

When you sign up for a Pinch account, you'll gain access to pre-made invoice payment plan templates that allow you to invite your overdue payers to settle their outstanding invoices in smaller, manageable amounts. This feature empowers you to take control of your existing overdue invoice payments quickly.

Simple and Free Setup

The Key to Success: Pinch Pre-Approvals

While the payment plan templates are helpful, the real solution to overdue payers is getting your customers on board with Pinch Pre-Approvals from the start.

This involves getting your customers to store their preferred payment methods, whether it's a bank account or a credit card, within the Pinch system.

There are multiple ways to get your customers set up with Pinch Pre-Approvals and we make it incredibly easy. Book a demo and we'll show you.

Debt Collection Agency Solutions

Customer Case Study

Hear from Simone,
Founder and Director of Sydney based cleaning company Jetlag Remedy.

“Automating Jetlag Remedy's invoice collection process via Pinch Payments has been a game-changer for us. It's not just about saving time and reducing manual errors; it's about gaining cash flow certainty. With reliable and predictable cash flow, we've had the confidence to take bold steps in our growth journey. Additionally, it has allowed us to rid those serial late payers.

Bill from Pinch provided us with some advice on how to fully implement a direct debit approach through a sundown method. Of course, we still service NDIS and DVA clients however I would say 95% of our business is primarily direct debit now.  

We are now investing more in marketing campaigns, expanding our operations, making strategic hires, and pursuing other growth activities. Automating invoice payments has empowered us to embrace opportunities that were once deemed risky due to uncertainty in cash flow (late payers!), and it has truly accelerated our business's success."

- Simone Tsigolis - Jetlag Remedy

Frequently Asked Questions/Objections

I don't think my customers would go for it

We have over 1000 merchants and counting using pre-approvals from businesses of all varieties. The only thing they have in common is a desire to not let their customers pay them late, and that they send invoices to receive payment and are left on read all the time. B2B, B2C, omnichannel, it works for everyone who has the objective of not letting their customers get into debt with them in the first place.

How does it work when my customers insist on 60/90 day payment terms?

A lot of people think the idea of Pre-Approvals are incompatible with customer payment terms, but it's not. A Pre-Approval in place means your invoice gets charged automatically on the due date. So if you set your due dates in line with your customer's payment terms, all you are doing is ensuring they don't pay you late. They can still pay you by other means in the interim, this is just giving you assurance you won't get paid late.

How much does it cost?

Pinch charges transaction fees only, and they can be surcharged to the payer if you wish.

All of our pricing can be found here for Australian customers. NZ customers here.

What industries does Pinch work best in?

Our three pillars are home services, professional services and wholesaling, but it's an absolute game changer for any businesses that send invoices and get paid late.

Some specific industries that get maximum value out of Pinch include home services businesses like pool maintenance companies, domestic cleaners, gardening services, home tutors, aged carers and meals on wheels.

Professional services businesses such as accountants, bookkeepers, digital marketing companies, business coaches, IT managed service providers, VoIP providers and commercial office cleaners.

In the wholesale space our best fit is in the fast moving area, food and beverage, coffee roasters, brewers, wineries and wine wholesalers, juice companies and boxed food delivery services.

So it's just like Stripe, or GoCardless?

You can consider Pinch to be a bit like GoCardless and Stripe combined. GoCardless offers a similar function to Pre-Approvals but don't offer credit cards and Stripe is a simple credit card payment gateway that doesn't have the invoice auto-payment functionality, or customer portal, and lots of other stuff..

How does reconciliation work?

Pinch will mark invoices as paid in your accounting system and match the transaction from your bank feed to make it easier for you to carry out reconciliation.

How long does it take for the money to get into my account?

When a customer pays via Pinch on a credit card it usually takes 1 business day and with direct deposit/debit it takes 4.

Does Pinch operate internationally?

Pinch can be used as an alternative to debt collection in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America but as of right now we can only accept direct debit/bank account payments in Australia. Everywhere else we can be used to accept credit card payments for Pre-Approvals. If you are outside of this area we would love to hear from you anyway so please email hello@getpinch.com.au and ask us when we might be ready to go in your neck of the woods.

Businesses within these countries can accept payment from international customers via international cards at a slightly higher transaction fee. We do not do foreign exchange so you can't use Pinch to take payments in foreign currency, only the currency local to you.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we have a generous and fun referral program which you can read about here. It's perfect for advisors, accountants, bookkeepers and anyone who knows someone who struggles to get their invoices paid on time.

Where is Pinch HQ?

Pinch Payments Global HQ is located in Brisbane, Australia and we have a second office in Melbourne but we have customers everywhere from Sydney to Auckland, from Perth to Townsville. We can replace your debt collection agency without the need to be local to you.

Anything else I should know before I get started?

As Pinch is a registered payfac on behalf of multiple Australian acquirers we are obligated to ensure that you are legitimate before we can allow you to receive payments from Pinch so when you create your free account you will need to upload a few documents for us to check before we can approve it. These are a bank statement, front and back of the driver's license of the business owner and a copy of an ASIC statement. You can use Pinch to take payments immediately but it may take up to 2 business days to get verified for settlement.