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The Power of Online Credit Card Payments

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In the digital age, online credit card payments are essential for businesses of all sizes. Pinch empowers you to process credit card payments online effortlessly. How do we do it? By integrating seamlessly with your accounting system, whether you prefer Xero, QuickBooks, or MYOB.

We also offer the option of direct integration using our robust payments API.



The No Late Payment Gateway

Integrate Pinch Payments with your accounting software, including Xero, QuickBooks Online, and MYOB. Here's how we can help:

Accept Credit Card Payments from Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks Invoices

Streamline your payment collection process. Pinch allows you to accept credit card payments directly from the invoices you send, saving you time and effort.

Flexible Configuration Options

Customize your payment processes to suit your business. Whether it's credit card surcharging rules, payment plans, or auto-payment thresholds, we've got you covered.

Boost Your Cash Flow

When you use Pinch as your default payment solution and store customer payment methods, you'll collect more payments and eliminate the hassle of chasing overdue payments.

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Payments Features

At Pinch Payments, we offer a range of features to simplify your payment collection process:

  • Automatically Reconcile Credit Card Payments: Spend less time managing your bank accounts and more time making money. Our system automatically reconciles every payment.

  • Accept Various Credit Card Methods: Whether it's Visa, Mastercard, American Express or International Cards, Pinch can accept them.

  • Customer Pre-Approvals: Ensure you get paid on time with customer pre-approvals. Securely store customer data for automatic payments.

  • Collect Multiple Payments at Once: Allow your customers to see all outstanding invoices in one place, making batch payments an effective way to improve cash flow and reduce bad debt.

  • Empower Your Debtor Management: Offer flexible payment plans to break down larger invoices into manageable chunks.

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Why Choose Pinch Payments

At Pinch Payments, we believe in making payment collection simple and efficient. Here's why you should choose us:

  • A Simple Platform: Set up Pinch Payments in no time. It's faster than finishing your morning coffee.

  • Pay-as-You-Go Pricing: We have no setup, minimum, or monthly fees. Plus, you can pass on transaction fees to your customers as you see fit.

  • Aussie Support: Our Australian support team is here to assist you. Let's chat and find the best solutions for your business.

  • Automated Reconciliation: We automatically mark invoices as paid and match transactions with your accounting system
  • Re-Attempt Payments: If a credit card payment fails, Pinch will automatically re-attempt it at no extra cost.

  • Safe and Secure: We're PCI compliant, so your customers' sensitive data is always secure.

  • Simple Reporting: Gain insights into your business with our dashboard and transaction reporting.

  • Notifications: We'll send you email notifications for important events, like failed payments and new pre-approvals.

  • Shorten Accounts Receivable Days: Reduce bad debt and improve cash flow with our automated invoicing and cash flow management tools.

Over 1000 Aussie businesses trust Pinch Payments to streamline their payment collection.

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Hear from Tony Harcourt,
Co-Founder of WorkGuru

"Embedding payment capabilities in our platform means that our small business clients can get paid faster, more easily and with fewer hassles. This is an enormous value-add for our clients, who don't want to have to add on an extra piece of software just to take payments, so it made complete sense for us to bring Pinch's payment solutions into WorkGuru.

The Pinch API is truly world-class, and the team was an absolute breeze to work with to get this monumental undertaking off the ground. I would highly recommend working with Pinch to integrate embedded payments into your business."

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Developer API

Calling all developers! Pinch Payments is built with an API-first approach, which means you can do anything we can do. Check out our developer portal for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are online credit card transactions processed?

Once the payment processor sends the authorisations to the card association, they are swiftly forwarded to the issuing bank. The issuing bank then transfers the funds to the merchant bank and applies an 'interchange fee'. This entire process usually unfolds within 24 to 48 hours of the transaction taking place.

How long does it take for a credit card transaction to process and then settle?

A credit card payment will process instantly and then settle into your merchant bank account the next business day in almost all cases.

Are credit card payments processed immediately?

Online credit card payments are processed immediately, it is the settlement to you that can take a little while and varies on the payment processor you use. With Pinch it's usually next business day.

Do credit card payments process on weekends?

Credit card payments can be processed any time including weekends, but the settlement processing, that is the part where we process the distribution of funds to you is only done on Australian business days.

How can a small business accept credit cards over the phone?

In Pinch you can open your invoices and payments from the merchant portal and take the details of your customer over the phone, essentially paying it on their behalf using the same interface they would if they clicked on the payment link you send them. This is a relatively safe option as you will put the details straight into the system and it will immediately encrypt, ensuring it's not stored anywhere.