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Meet Pinch Service Partner, Digit Business

Since owner Andrew first opened the doors to Digit eight years ago, his vision has been simple: to help transition businesses towards using more technology so they could get a better handle on their financial management and financial functions, as well as find opportunities to optimise how they operate through the cloud.

As one of the early movers in the fintech space, Digit has been using Xero from the get-go and is now recognised as one of the platform’s Platinum Partners. Today, Digit’s roster of clients includes local tradies and SMBs in the hospitality, professional services, retail and eCommerce sectors.


“The core focus of what we do is really sitting down with business owners and going, okay, well, how do you currently do things? How can you use technology to improve how you grow your business — to enable you to scale, to reduce friction within the business? We take people on that journey from managing their accounts and being their accounts department to sitting down with them on a regular basis and having more strategic high-level discussions around growth and interpreting what's going on and optimizing the business. And that just becomes a continual flow that we have with the people that we work with.”

Andrew, Digit Business

Partnering with Pinch

With their natural thirst for efficiency, Digit is always seeking new ways to help clients save time and streamline accounting and financial management using automation. When Andrew discovered Pinch through industry discussion groups, he knew Digit had to give it a try. This initial encounter has blossomed into a partnership that has empowered countless local businesses to harness the power of cloud-based apps, win back time, and grow faster.

Pinch had everything Digit was looking for in a partner: it was easy to use, integrated with Xero, and was fully adaptable to a client’s needs. Andrew and his team could tap into Pinch’s core infrastructure and open API to build a custom CRM solution for Digit’s clients — a solution that addressed their specific requirements and improved upon their existing way of managing payments. This process was also only made possible thanks to the speed and level of support that came from the Pinch team. As a fellow developer, Andrew was able to get straight down to business and advise Pinch what he wanted to achieve and see if they could realise his vision. Unlike other companies that take weeks or months to revert back and bounce from salesperson to developer to account manager, Pinch’s team answered all their questions in a single 20-minute phone call — making it easy for Andrew to understand precisely what’s possible for each client.

On top of that, Pinch also helped Digit address some of its own pain points when it came to payment processing. Before Pinch, Digit had to send clients to a different platform for direct debit, despite wanting to keep the onboarding process as fluid as possible. Pinch automatically connected the two platforms and systems, which saved Andrew from having to ask clients to use multiple platforms for payment. The platform has also empowered Digit’s team to automate a significant portion of the variable billing process by allowing users to raise an invoice and manage things seamlessly between both platforms.

As both a customer and a partner, Digit has firsthand experience into the wealth of benefits Pinch provides for businesses. It comes as no surprise that Andrew and his team are now some of the biggest advocates of the platform, both for their own clients and for other bookkeepers.

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    Eliminating duplication of effort. Pinch talks directly to Xero, Digit’s platform of choice. With this powerful combination, Digit’s clients no longer have to reconcile invoices and payments between tools — giving them more time to grow their business in a purpose-driven way.

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    Seamless onboarding. With Pinch, Digit could have the custom CRM platform they always wanted, both for themselves and their clients. This meant Digit could onboard new clients fluidly and with ease, while allowing customers to get a first-hand glimpse at the benefits and ease of using the cloud and going paperless.

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    Tailored solutions. Every small business is different. Rather than asking a client to adapt their processes to a platform, Pinch’s open API gave Andrew and his team the tools to adapt technology to their client.


From its inception, Digit has been helping Australians grow wildly successful, purpose-driven businesses using apps and automation. Now, with Pinch, they could truly do this in a way they never could before. Pinch has helped Digit’s clients save time on reconciling payments, introduce more billing options, and provide a fluid digital onboarding experience for their customers. At the same time, the platform has supercharged what Andrew and his team can do for local businesses, particularly when they have slightly more complex requirements or need custom-built solutions.

Beyond providing new solutions for Digit’s clients, Pinch has also transformed the way Andrew and his team work internally. Pinch automatically connects to the invoices in Xero and direct debits them, which meant Digit no longer has to ask clients to use multiple platforms for payment. What’s more, it’s empowered Andrew’s team to automate variable billing and streamlined their accounts receivable process. It’s safe to say that together, both Pinch and Digit are creating happier businesses through better accounts, systems, and decisions.

“What I love most about Pinch is the customer service and accessibility of it. Ben and Paul are really open to having discussions around problems we're looking to solve, either for ourselves or for customers. They're very open to feedback and open to finding solutions. And that kind of flexibility is rare, particularly in the app space. It's fantastic that the founders are so heavily involved in the product.”

Andrew, Digit Business

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