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Kady Creative

Why we chose Pinch

First impressions count, and Kady wanted new clients to have a great first impression from the moment they signed on with the agency. The studio was looking for an intuitive payment system that allowed new clients to onboard quickly and easily, while allowing existing clients to pay invoices and tailor their payment plans with ease. As a boutique studio, the team was also spending hours manually sending invoices and chasing up payments, which in turn was eating up valuable time and affecting cash flow.

Kady Creative wanted a simple platform that would streamline the payment process for clients and help them save time. Needless to say, Pinch was the perfect solution.


Challenges they faced

  • circle Wanted to keep it simple. The studio was looking for a system that would enable new clients to get started within a few seconds, without the need to sift through pages of T&Cs and fill out complex forms with payment details.
  • circle Constant follow-up and manual processes. Before they implemented an automated payment platform, Kady was sending invoices and following up on missed payments one by one. These manual processes were eating away hours of valuable time that could have been spent servicing clients.
  • circle High bank fees. The studio was spending more than necessary on bank fees, as their existing payment provider didn’t allow them to on-charge fees to the client. Absorbing these fees would cost the agency upwards of $1000 per month — funds that could be put to far better use.

“It’s set and forget in the sense that once you onboard a client, that's it. You don't have to worry about sending an invoice again. It's just all done and dusted and it just takes away like any kind of extra people touching it or needing reminders. Before Pinch, it was always us chasing clients. Now the process is automated: we know the contract is signed, we know the payments have been audited. And then as soon as that's all done, they're put straight into our project management system. It basically minimises any room for errors, and minimises time spent chasing up and seeing where things are at.”

Kady O Connell, Kady Creative

How Pinch helped

Pinch delivered everything Kady Creative was looking for, and more. First and foremost, with Pinch, the studio was able to save countless hours chasing up invoices. The platform automatically keeps track of who paid and who didn’t, then sends reminders to clients who missed their payments.

As a result, Kady Creative’s cash flow has improved dramatically, as payments are now getting settled on time. On top of this, Kady is using Pinch to give clients added flexibility with their payments. For bigger projects, Kady Creative now offers a myriad of options, from instalments to monthly payment plans.

The ability to on-charge fees is also a welcome feature — by passing on credit card fees, Kady is saving thousands of dollars that could be reinvested into growing the business. More importantly, Pinch also helped Kady realise her vision to create a simple and smooth process for new and existing clients. The custom dashboard houses everything clients need in one place, from sign-up to payment. No guesswork, no confusion, and marginal room for error.

  1. Elevated customer experience.

    Pinch helps Kady Creative set the right tone with its clients from the get-go. Swift and intuitive, Kady’s sign-up process reflects how easy it was to work with the team — an experience that continues through to the level of service delivered.

  2. Improved cash flow, less fees.

    With payment plan options and automated reminders powered by Pinch, Kady Creative has seen a dramatic increase in the health of its cash flow. Coupled with the ability to on-charge fees, Kady ended up saving on bookkeeping time and reducing payment charges.

  3. Set it, then forget it.
    Time is money — and that’s precisely why freeing up time has been such a big win for Kady Creative. Pinch has lifted a huge weight off the team’s shoulders by enabling them to focus more on the big picture and less on day-to-day Accounts Receivable processes.



Kady Creative and Pinch are a match made in heaven. By helping Kady deliver the intuitive client experience she had always wanted, Pinch cemented itself as an integral part of her studio’s operations. With less time spent following up and less money spent on fees, Kady Creative now has the time and resources they need to achieve outstanding results for its clients.

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