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 Online Marketing Gurus

Why we chose Pinch

As a digital marketing agency, OMG works with household names and SMBs in Australia and overseas. While the company was miles ahead of the competition in terms of digital marketing, it still had a relatively simple accounting system, which led to excessive time and resources spent on manual processes, missed payments, and inconsistency in reporting. OMG’s Finance and Accounts Receivable department would spend hours manually invoicing clients at the end of the month — and when a failed payment slipped through the cracks, often it took weeks for them to be notified.

Recognising it needed to streamline its processes, OMG wanted to transform its payment systems with the help of an online payment platform. After researching all of the various options on the market, OMG chose Pinch due to its clean and intuitive interface, extensive integrations, and minimalist-yet-powerful design.


Challenges they faced

  • circle Looking to eliminate manual processes. OMG was pouring hours into tasks that could be automated, from sending invoices to reconciling payments. As the agency grew its client base, they were looking for a platform that could scale along with them.
  • circle Inconsistency with data. With multiple systems on hand, the team had to do multiple reports and often found gaps in data between platforms. OMG was looking for a tool that could integrate its different systems and be a single source of truth for its reporting.
  • circleShared understanding between teams. As a marketing agency first and foremost, OMG often had to balance the information needed for the business and what was required for the Finance and Accounts Receivable department. Information often had to be recoded for the company's payment platforms, which led to the unnecessary double up of work.

“As a small business, we enter into a lot of partnerships for our companies but I would say that Pinch was by far the easiest decision that we made in picking a payment gateway. A lot of the ways that Pinch operates indicates they are clearly aware of the struggles with small businesses in this country. At the end of the day, we just want to collect payments on time, and Pinch is a true leader on the accounting software front. It creatively accepts payments, minimises stress and eliminates the need for us having to do unnecessary stuff.”

Moe, Online Marketing Gurus

How Pinch helped

OMG was looking to minimise and streamline its finance and accounts receivable processes, and Pinch did the job. The team found the interface simple, intuitive, and an absolute breeze to use. There was no confusion with regards to what a certain button did or what a certain word meant — making it easy for the team to quickly integrate into their day-to-day work.

What’s more, Pinch also supported OMG’s international payment needs as the company continued to work with more global clients. Clients also reported numerous struggles with manual payments when paying by credit card. Pinch offered a simple payout link that clients could click on and schedule a payment themselves.

Last but not least, the team loved Pinch’s commitment to customer service. With 24/7 around-the-clock coverage and support, OMG found the onboarding process smooth and seamless — allowing them to see the benefits of the platform sooner rather than later.

  1. One point of contact.

    Before Pinch, clients had to deal with three different entities within the business. Today, Pinch enables clients to connect directly with one point of contact, while the payment system works flawlessly in the background.

  2. Chasing up payments.

    With so many payments to manage, inevitably a payment gets missed or delayed — which can quickly snowball into bad debt if it’s not addressed. Pinch enabled OMG to detect and collect failed payments in a timely manner, helping the business save time and money.

  3. Stress-free and seamless payments. Pinch talks to all of OMG’s systems, from its accounting software to its marketing platforms. By working hand-in-hand with OMG’s existing processes, Pinch gives the business an incredibly streamlined workflow with regards to collecting payments.



Since implementing Pinch, OMG has completely overhauled its online payments system for the better. The team no longer has to worry about missed invoices or manual payments, and Pinch has shaved countless hours off their finance and accounting processes. With Pinch’s all-in-one package and extensive integration, the company found a one-stop-shop that could be implemented with its accounting software. — and it’s safe to say they aren’t going back.

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