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Oz Excavator Buckets

Why we chose Pinch

Since 1998, Oz Excavator Buckets has been manufacturing high-quality excavation equipment, buckets and other excavator and backhoe attachments to deliver to its customers. The company prides itself on its fast turnaround time, with 80% of all orders completed within three working days from the time of order.

Despite having quick turnarounds and delivering outstanding service on customer orders, Oz Excavator Buckets found their payment processes left plenty to be desired. The team had clients who paid invoices via PayPal and Xero, as well as clients who paid on the ground through EFTPOS and credit card payment terminals. Reconciling these figures would take hours at the end of the month (not to mention the little discrepancies that created headaches along the way). Plenty of customers also called the Accounts department directly to pay their invoices, which was a security risk that Oz Excavator Buckets wanted to mitigate for themselves and their customers.

COVID-19 only exacerbated these challenges. Oz Excavator Buckets believed there was a simpler and better way to do things. A way to bring as much of the business online as possible, including payments. There was: it was Pinch.


Challenges they faced

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    Wanted to mitigate security concerns. Oz Excavator Buckets often took payments from clients over the phone — a practice they worried would leave them open to potential security issues in the future. With stacks of printed paper receipts, the team also had to do their share of shredding every month. Oz Excavator Buckets wanted to go paperless and, in turn, improve the safety and security of its payment processes.

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    Challenges presented by remote work. When the pandemic hit, the team found themselves grappling with the difficulties of continuing with their existing Accounts Receivable process while working from home. Oz Excavator Buckets wanted to bring these systems online to make it easier for clients and staff to access information any time, anywhere.

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    Minimise manual processes. The Accounts Receivable team would receive receipts via Paypal, Xero, and payment terminals in offices around the country. Collecting and reconciling these in Xero was a time-consuming and arduous process, and chasing up any discrepancies was near-impossible.

How Pinch helped

With the help of Pinch, Oz Excavator Buckets has moved its systems online, cut down on the paperwork, and improved the security of its payment processes.

Before Pinch, the team had to manually send a link for customers to pay using a credit card or write down the details and enter them online. Now, they can simply enter these details straight away into Pinch — eliminating the need to write down information or wait until they were at a bank terminal to process the payment.

While most companies find it tough to transition to a new system, Oz Excavator Buckets had the exact opposite experience. The majority of the team embraced the transition, simply because of how easy and straightforward it was to get started with Pinch. On top of that, Pinch talks directly to Xero, which meant no additional development work was needed to get everything up and running.

Today, the majority of Oz Excavator Buckets’ Accounts Receivable processes are also online and automated, which has saved the team countless hours in manual paperwork and reconciling payments. The company now uses Pinch as its payment platform of choice and even tracks and processes the majority of Xero payments through that platform.

Peace of mind.

Thanks to Pinch, Oz Excavator Buckets no longer needs to write down a client’s credit card information or shred sensitive paperwork. They’ve been able to tighten up their payment processes immeasurably — giving themselves and their customers added peace of mind.

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    Simple and straightforward payments and refunds.
    Whether it’s invoicing, following up unpaid bills or refunds, Pinch has helped Oz Excavator Buckets streamline its payments. Plus, Pinch has also improved the refunds process for customers so the entire process is quick and easy.

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    Online and saving time.
    One of the biggest goals Oz Excavator Buckets had was to move more of its business online. With Pinch, they’ve knocked that goal out of the park. All of their payments are processed online through the platform, and clients have more ways to pay than ever before, from bank transfer to credit card, debit card or even multiple payment instalments.


For Oz Excavator Buckets, implementing Pinch was a no-brainer — and they’re definitely staying on board. The team has full confidence in Pinch and found the entire process to be seamless: whether it was onboarding the platform or resolving rare issues, everything was an absolute breeze thanks to Pinch’s intuitive platform and stellar Australian-based customer service. As Oz Excavator Buckets continues to grow its business, it’s safe to say that Pinch will be right there alongside them every step of the way.

“It's more convenient for customers and for purchasing. And it also means that the customer gets their item a lot quicker because we’re not waiting on payment. The entire experience with Pinch has honestly just been really easy. The team at Pinch has been fantastic to deal with, and every time I have a question, they answer it or they put me on to someone who can answer it for me quickly.”

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