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Automate your accounts receivable with Pinch to get paid on time, every time.

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Reduce doubtful and bad debts and improve cash flow

Set up recurring payments, payment plans or subscriptions to automatically receive payment with pre-approval from your customer on the due date.

Easily integrate with your existing accounting software

Pinch works with Xero, Quick Books Online, Reckon, MYOB, DEAR Systems, and IPA Books+.

On charge payment fees to your customers

Pinch lets you add the transaction fee on to each invoice to help you manage your costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any monthly fees outside of transaction fees?

There are no monthly fees or transaction minimums when you use. All fees are transaction based only so you can use Pinch for processing as little or as much as you like.

How are the fees collected from me?

Like most payment platforms, we net settle the funds into your account minus our transaction fees.

Can I pass transaction fees on to my payers?

Yes and easily so. Just tick the box for either bank debits or credit card payments (or both) and Pinch will automatically make the adjustments for you to be net settled your invoices in full, passing our processing fees on to your payer. These same settings can be applied selectively to your payers.

Are there any features behind a paywall and requiring additional payment or subscription?

Pinch is fully transaction fee based. No further costs are applied to our current feature offerings

I’m transacting quite a lot. Can I have a conversation about price reductions?

Always. The easiest way is to arrange a call to discuss. We are also happy to discuss pricing periodically, click here to book a time to chat with us.

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