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Why is Pinch sending me emails?

Pinch will only send you emails that relate to a Payment you have made via Pinch to your supplier, such as an email receipt or notice of a Dishonoured Payment. Your supplier may also request Pinch to send you emails relating to setting up a pre-approval in Pinch or to update things like your payment method on file.


What is a pre-approval?

Activating a Pre-Approval through Pinch ensures you never miss a payment to your supplier! Invoices will be automatically debited on the Invoice Due Date form your nominated payment method, avoiding overdue or missed Payments.

You can update your details or cancel your Pre-Approval with Pinch at anytime.

Why pay my invoices with Pinch?

Pinch allows you to pay Invoices with a variety of payment methods and you get emailed a receipt for every Payment you make.You can even setup automatic debits for future invoices from your supplier in single click while you pay your Invoice, saving you time in the future.

How do I contact Pinch directly?

It's usually best to contact your supplier first for any queries regarding payments however you can always contact us by using the email address below.