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How to Collect Payment on Every Invoice You Send with Pinch

Once you get the payment method, it's as easy as sending invoices the way you already do

With Pinch Pre-Approvals the only hard part is capturing the payment method. Once you have that, all you need to do is send the invoice and we take the payment on the due date.


Case Study - Pool Assist

Pool Assist use Pinch to automatically collect payment on every pool service they do. it just works. Learn more.


How to Get Customers on Board

Having every customer on pre-approved direct debit is a dream state for many small businesses. Imagine being able to raise an invoice for a customer and it gets paid on the due date with no fuss, every time. No chasing late or overdue payments. Read more.



Why Cash Flow Certainty Is So Important

Poor cash flow will stagnate your growth and worse. Find out more about this hidden issue.