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Why Become a Pinch Partner?

Generous Referral Fees

We offer our referral partners up to 7.5% of the transaction fees their referrals generate, paid out quarterly for two years.

Lower Your Pinch Fees

Pinch Partners are eligible to lower their own Pinch transaction fees by up to .2% on all Visa and Mastercard payments, and .1% on all direct debit payments.

Manage Your Clients

Access and manage your client's Pinch accounts through your own Pinch account. Perfect for bookkeepers, accountants and cloud implementers.

Make a Difference

Late payment damages the Australian economy and by becoming a Pinch partner, joining the alliance to eliminate late payments and spreading the word you can help us make a tangible impact on this issue.


Pinch Partner

Partner FAQs

Do you have to be a Pinch customer to be a partner?

No, as long as you want to refer Pinch or manage your own customers' Pinch accounts you can be a partner.

Why should I refer people to Pinch over another company?

Check out our reviews on the Xero app store and see for yourself. The main answer would be, because we care about customer service. You can trust that you are referring your important clients, peers and friends to a business with heart and that cares about the experience we give to people.

Not only that but just quietly we believe we have the best product in the market in terms of value and features. We have the lowest rates of any platform that offers autodebit on both credit card and direct debit. 

What other platforms does Pinch integrate with?

Accounting packages: Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks
CRM and Marketing: Hubspot
Inventory: Cin 7 Core (Dear) and QuickB2B
General: Zapier

What industries does Pinch work best in?

Our three pillars are home services, professional services and wholesaling.

We do particularly well when businesses invoice to receive payment, and when their invoices are recurring but the amounts change.

Some specific industries that get maximum value out of Pinch include home services businesses like pool maintenance companies, domestic cleaners, gardening services, home tutors, aged carers and meals on wheels. Professional services businesses such as accountants, bookkepers, digital marketing companies, business coaches, IT managed service providers, VoIP providers and commercial office cleaners. In the wholesale space our best fit is in the fast moving area, food and beverage, coffee roasters, brewers, wineries and wine wholesalers, juice companies and boxed food delivery services.