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Online Marketplace Payments Technology

Multiple Merchant Payments

Online marketplaces often deal with payments for a multitude of sellers. Pinch Payments provides a centralized solution for handling transactions on behalf of multiple merchants. You can collect payments for all sellers in one place, reducing complexity and ensuring smooth cash flow.

Multiple Merchant Payments

Time-Saving Integration

Streamlining payment processing doesn't have to be time-consuming. Pinch Payments world class API allowed you to build your own integration with e-commerce and we have already existing accounting systems integrations, including major players like Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB.

Connect your platform to these systems, and transactions will be a breeze.

Automated Payment Distribution

Distributing payments to individual merchants has never been easier. Pinch Payments allows you to automate the distribution of funds to different sellers based on their sales, making the process transparent and hassle-free.

Automated Payment Distribution

Secure Payment Handling

Security is a top priority when dealing with payments. Pinch Payments is PCI-compliant, ensuring that the sensitive payment information of both buyers and sellers is handled with the utmost care, instilling trust in your platform.

Secure Payment Handling

Transaction Insights

Gain insights into the financial performance of your online marketplace. With Pinch Payments, you can access transaction reports and data that help you make informed decisions to grow your platform.

Transaction Insights

Hear from Tony Harcourt,
Co-Founder of WorkGuru

"Embedding payment capabilities in our platform means that our small business clients can get paid faster, more easily and with fewer hassles. This is an enormous value-add for our clients, who don't want to have to add on an extra piece of software just to take payments, so it made complete sense for us to bring Pinch's payment solutions into WorkGuru.

The Pinch API is truly world-class, and the team was an absolute breeze to work with to get this monumental undertaking off the ground. I would highly recommend working with Pinch to integrate embedded payments into your business."

Read more about GuruPay here.

The Advantages of Pinch Payments for Your Online Marketplace:

Efficiency and trust are at the core of successful online marketplaces. Here's how Pinch Payments can take your platform to the next level:

Streamlined Operations

Managing payments for multiple merchants becomes a straightforward process. No more juggling numerous payment accounts and dealing with payment complexities. Pinch Payments simplifies it all.

Enhanced Security

The PCI-compliance of Pinch Payments ensures the secure handling of sensitive payment data, building trust among your users.

Insights for Growth

Access to transaction data empowers you to make data-driven decisions, optimize your platform, and attract more buyers and sellers.

Time and Cost Savings

Save time on complex custom development and integrations by using our already existing API and its integrations.

Seller Satisfaction

Customizable payment options for merchants make your platform more attractive, helping you retain and attract sellers.

What next?

Pinch Payments is your trusted partner in the world of online marketplaces.

With our efficient payment solutions, you can create a secure and efficient environment for multiple merchants, streamlining your operations and enhancing the trust of your users.

Let Pinch Payments transform your payment processing and elevate your online marketplace to new heights.


Pricing for Direct Debit and
Credit Card Processing


Direct Debit Bank Accounts


+30c per transaction

Enable secure bank debits for recurring billing and subscriptions.

Transaction fees capped at $5.

Fees include GST.


Credit & Debit Cards


+30c per transaction

Enable credit card payments for  real-time and scheduled payments. 

2.5% for American Express & 3.4% for International Cards

Fees include GST.