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Late Payment is a Big Business Issue, Join the Alliance to Eliminate Late Payment For Good

Sick and tired of just putting up with your invoices getting paid late?

You do not have to continue doing this. Simply sign up to a Pinch account and we will walk you through the 5 step process for making overdue invoice payment a thing of the past in your company.

We have changed the lives of businesses across many sectors including marketing, accounting, brokers, hiring companies and so many more.

Auto Payment

The Magic of Integration

Automate the collection of invoices no matter the system

Once you get your Pinch account set up, connect it to your accounting system and any invoice gets automatically debited on the due date.

Natively integrates with Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks or connect to an array of other systems through Zapier. 

Not sure if we support your integration? Just get in touch with us and ask.


A seamless payment experience that prioritises customer satisfaction

Our platform is meticulously designed for your convenience, allowing you to effortlessly customise your preferences, send out invitations to your customers, and stay focused on your business goals.

Rest assured, Pinch goes above and beyond to encrypt all customer information, ensuring maximum security and peace of mind for you and your clients.


Cost-effective software, pay only when your customers do

You deserve to maximise your earnings. Pinch offers no setup costs, and no monthly fees. You can choose to cover our transaction fees or pass them on to your customers.


Meet Liam 
from Project Alfred

"(Pinch is a) complex product that has been made very simple to use which is great. The backend reconciliation with Xero is extremely good

Developer API

Psst.... are you a developer? Pinch is built API first. That means anything that we can do, you can do too! Check out more on the developer portal.